• About CSR

    About CSR

    PMHBL carries out CSR activity under CSR Categories (Thrust Area) as follows:
    1. Promoting health care and sanitation.
    2. Promoting education, employment enhancing vocation skills and livelihood enhancement project.
    3. Promoting Women empowerment.
    4. Promoting Environmental sustainability & conservation of Natural Resources.
    5. Promoting Rural Development in alignment with other thrust areas.

    Any projects/programs activities in areas other than the above will be taken with the approval of CSR committee.

    List of CSR Activities carried out in the year 2017-18.
    1. Installation of High Mast Street Lights to Villages on the ROU.
    2. Construction of Toilet Block in Govt Schools.
    3. Donated Wheel Chairs, Elbow Crutches, Tricycles and Hearing aid to differently abled people.
    4. Installation of Solar street Lights to Villages on the ROU.
    5. Construction of Bust Stands in the villages on ROU.
  • CSR Objective

    CSR Objective

    Petronet MHB Limited is committed to focus on local communities in and around areas of Company operations, empowering the weaker, less privileged and marginalised community.

    Click here to view the CSR Policy.
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