Hassan Intermediate Pumping & Delivery Station

The intermediate pumping & Delivery Station (TOP) of PMHBL is located at KIADB Industrial Growth Centre, Bommanaikanahalli village at Hassan. The product is dispatched to Bangalore through a 20” diameter pipeline. For sectionalizing the Hassan ? Bangalore pipeline five sectionalizing valves (SV-6, SV-7, SV-8, SV-9, SV-10) are provided with Intermediate pigging station at Kurdihalli.

Tap off point at Hassan

A 12” dia line has been provided from downstream of basket filters for draw off to HPCL terminal facilities at Hassan. HPCL is distributing the products to Oil Marketing Companies from their Terminal at Hassan by Tank Trucks and Railway. At the battery limit of the of PMHBL Station the draw off line is distributed into four lines for individual products, viz. MS, SKO, HSD and Naphtha.

Following major equipment are installed at Hassan intermediate pumping & delivery Station (TOP)

  • • Mainline Pumps 328 m3/ hr Capacity 03 Nos.
    • Basket Filters 02 Nos.
    • Turbine Flow Meters 04 Nos.
    • Sump Tank 01 No.
    • Scrapper Launcher 01 No.
    • Scrapper Receiver 01 No.
    • Corrosion Inhibitor Dosing Pumps & Tank 02 Nos.
    • Firefighting system with 3 diesel engine driven fire fighting pumps + 2 Jockey Pumps with fire hydrant network.
    • 66 KV HT substation
    • SCADA System.
    • Telecom System with dedicated OFC Network.
    • PLC System.
    • CCTV System.
    • Security Tracking System for monitoring line walker movements