To establish & maintain high standard of Quality systems in Pipeline construction, operation & Maintenance of Pipe line system to deliver Quality services and products to its customers to achieve customer satisfaction and delight.


    Petronet MHB Ltd. Commits to continual improvement and 
    Maintain operational excellence through
    Hazard, ill health, injury and Pollution prevention,
    By employee inovolvement and complying with
    Legal and other requirements, Customer expectations.

    PMHBL is committed to achieve excellence in performance by
    • Conservation of natural resources
    • Analysis and control of incidents
    • Cost reduction and 
    • Empowerment of personnel.


    Petronet MHB Limited is committed to conserve Electrical energy in all operations and processes, preventing wastage of energy and with continual improvement in energy performance. Necessary information and resource are ensured to achieve objectives and targets.

    Petronet MHBLimited is also committed to comply with applicable legal and other requirements, related to electrical energy use, consumption and efficiency.

    Petronet MHB Limited supports the purchase of energy efficient products and services and design for energy performance improvement, as required.


    • To achieve the Corporate vision, through the goals committed in the Corporate Mission statement.
    • To recognize our obligation to contribute to the growth of PMHBL, as our future is linked with the growth of PMHBL. We also recognize that PMHBL not only provides us a support to grow but also provides satisfaction and security to our entire family.
    • We recognise our responsibility to create value for stakeholders, so we commit to give ultimate response to all our customers, within and outside PMHBL, in a prompt way.
    • We pledge to fulfill our binding with PMHBL through competence, honesty, integrity and true to allegiance. By Learning continuously we shall acquire the knowledge, skills and the attitude to produce the best performance. We shall ensure that all our decisions and action plans pass the test of professional integrity and honesty.
    • We value & give highest priority for safety, health & Environment for Operation & Maintenance, of PMHBL pipeline system.